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Cellular Shades

Looking for a way to lower your energy bills? Cellular shades have the answer! These innovative window treatments feature small pockets that trap air and keep it from escaping through your windows. The extra insulation this provides keeps your home’s internal temperature at a more constant level, so your heating and cooling units won’t have to work as hard. Our vast fabric library boasts hundreds of colors and patterns to help you find something that will look amazing in your home. These shades are also available with cordless options for added pet and child safety. Read on to learn more about these innovative window shades.

 Cellular Shades for Home Windows in Vallejo, California (CA) for Bathrooms Available with Cordless Options

Cellular shades offer a number of benefits that can transform your home. With the integration of these shades into your home, you will notice a significant difference in energy costs in your home because of their incredible energy-efficiency. These shades are actually one of the most energy-efficient on the market. They have the unique ability to trap air in their cells, which creates an insulating effect. This works in both warm and cold weather, too, keeping your home comfortable all year long, without you wasting money on lost heating and cooling energy.


Cellular shades also provide noise reduction. This keeps outside noise like busy streets and loud neighbors to a minimum. It also improves the acoustics within your home, making your music and speakers sound much better.


They are also incredibly easy to use. They are available to be installed without cords. All you have to do is raise or lower them by hand. It’s so easy! Plus, you won’t have to worry about the dangers that cords pose to children and pets or about their unsightly appearance. 


In addition to making them cordless and more attractive, we offer cellular shades in a number of beautiful customization options to make them even more stunning. You can choose from our incredible ranges of colors and fabrics, as well as operating systems, fabric opacities, and more. When you shop at InStyle Windows™, you have the option to truly make your window treatments your own.


InStyle Windows™ is the perfect place to find beautiful new windows treatments in the Bay Area. We offer an incredibly easy three-step process for creating your perfect custom window treatments. First comes the design. We offer free in-home consultations to help us get a sense of your lifestyle and determine what is best for your home and your needs. Then we will provide custom, professional measuring to ensure that your new window treatments perfectly. Lastly, our professional contractor will install your window treatments and ensure that you are completely satisfied. Whether you are looking for cellular shades or any other type of window treatments, we have got you covered. From our showroom in Vallejo, we proudly serve The Bay Area, Sacramento Area and Central Valley.

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